stephanie cunningham


©1994 Stephanie Cunningham

Plexiglas, Laserprints, Privacy Shields

16 x 9 ft installation


Character Revelations investigates the role of our faces in communication and character judgment and what evolves in its place on the Internet—primarily a form of faceless communication when this work was created.


The collection of images and responses exists on-line and as a gallery presentation. In the gallery a grid of privacy screens shields a column of images on the left and a row of respondents along the top; each identified by email address and name. The respondents'  descriptions compose the rest of the installation. Reading the responses according to the images paints a portrait of each character as imagined by the participants.


Reading the responses by the column reveals something of each respondent’s character.

Grid contains four morphed images of my face with text descriptions of each “person” provided by twelve on-line participants.