stephanie cunningham


©2007 Stephanie Cunningham

Black Felt, Aluminum Bars, Airline Pillows with Transfer Text, White Noise Machine

6 x 3 x 8 ft


Passage explores the power of materials and text to evoke an experience—in this case the space between places found on trans-oceanic flights. The power of these trips is their ability to decenter the traveler. The long haul plane rides necessary to reach an another location provide a meditative in-between space. In this space one is able to temporarily suspend the disruptions of home and gradually transition into the foreignness of another place.


The space is composed similarly to an airplane. Text on eye-level pillows can be read sequentially or on opposite panels. The felt hallway blocks visual stimuli and bright light from the outside gallery. Concealed in one pillow is a sound machine that generates a constant, low-volume, white noise recalling an airplane interior. The space is intended to be meditative.

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