stephanie cunningham


©2009 Stephanie Cunningham

Laser Etched Mirror, Vinyl Type

17 x 18 inches


This work is a simple statement on society’s reward for beauty. It was created for a group exhibition entitled, ”The Measure of a Woman.“ The grid mask represents the measure of perfect beauty as it exists in the Fibonacci sequence (also known as the golden mean, golden ratio, or divine proportions). The mask represents a mathematical coherence found in nature that resonates with humankind. The viewer may align their face with the one in the mirror to see how they measure up. The mirror is framed with headlines from from beauty magazines.


Ideal beauty fluxes with time and cultures but for most women, no matter the standard, perfect beauty is an elusive goal exploited by the beauty industry. We never quite measure up. With time most of us learn to appreciate quirks and imperfections as unique beauty.

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