stephanie cunningham


©2010 Stephanie Cunningham

Steel Base, Ink on Hollow Eggs

3 pieces: 2 x 2 x 9 inches each


Shelter was created after the 2008 market crash left many people with a shaken sense of security. This work expresses fragility and a desire for the safety of home/shelter. The ink drawings and Latin taxonomy relate to the body in a sequence that progresses from panic (heart) to exhalation (lungs) to stillness or peace (hands). The fragility of hollow eggs is contrasted against aged, industrial steel. The eggs are not secured to the bases adding to their vulnerability.


The hollow egg is a bit of personal imagery relating to one of my most treasured childhood possessions; a painted hollow egg from Japan. The egg was fractured in an earthquake that caused me to question my own sense of security at a young age.

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