stephanie cunningham


©1996 Stephanie Cunningham

Boxes: Plywood, Heat-formed Plexiglas, Inkjet on Transparency, Halogen Lights & Motion Sensor. Booklets: PVC sheet, Dye-sublimation Prints, Transfer Text, Hinges

Installation size varies


Voice consists of two independent components: a website and an installation. The installation contains three large light boxes printed with the responses to three questions from the website. The responses combat stereotypes by identifying the real issues in womens’ lives and ultimately creating an autobiographical portrait with text. From a distance the ben-day dot pattern reveals vague images of naked women culled from pornography websites. As the viewer approaches, the boxes illuminate, the image breaks down into dots, and text becomes legible. Along the wall are 46 booklets that contain images and text from a woman’s website and her web address. The booklets reveal both diversity and common experience.